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Chola Global Steam Turbine Manufacturers
Chola Turbo Machinery International has been providing customized, durable, reliable, and efficient steam turbine solutions for over 20 years. Leading industrial steam turbine manufacturer CTMI has completed a number of projects both in India and overseas. In more than 37 countries, from USA to FIJI islands, several steam turbines manufactured by Chola Turbo have been...
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Multistage Steam Turbines
STEAM TURBINES TO GENERATE POWER A steam turbine is a specially designed mechanical device that converts high-pressure steam into mechanical energy that can be used to rotate blades to produce electricity using the generator. Steam turbines are widely used in industries and power plants due to their high-efficiency energy conversion. Modern industries and power plants...
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How Do Steam Turbines Work
HOW DO STEAM TURBINES WORK? Nuclear and coal-based thermal power plants together produce almost half of the world’s electric power and Steam turbines are the heart of these power plants. Steam turbines convert thermal energy into useful mechanical energy which in turn rotates the generator shafts to produce electricity. Charles Parsons first invented the modern...
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Steam Turbine Blades
 A Comprehensive and understandable Introduction to all Components. Discover the remarkable apparatus responsible for converting thermal energy into dynamic rotational motion. This ingenious device plays a pivotal role in harnessing and utilizing heat energy to propel rotor shafts, powering a range of applications across various industries, they are the heart of all power plants, and...
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Pressure Reducing Power Stations
PRESSURE REDUCING POWER STATIONS Free Electricity from Existing Saturated High / Low Pressure Steam What is Cogeneration? As the word CO-GEN goes, it signifies two separate Generations, co-existing at the same time. In this case it is simultaneous production of electrical energy and useful thermal energy in the form of steam A common misnomer is...
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