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The FLS package includes a hydraulically separated lubrication and Control Oil System, a hydraulic fluid supply and conditioning system, and common control console in a single. The fluid system package can mount separately from the steam turbine-generator or be installed integrally with the turbine base. CTMI provides options for both water-cooled and air-cooled FLS. CTMI also offers FLS as per API standards for Steam turbines.

FLS-2 Scaled

Full Feature Design

  • Redundant ac motor driven pumps for both lubrication and hydraulic service
  • Duplex lubricating oil filters and oil coolers
  • DC motor is driven emergency oil pump
  • Integral lubricating oil dehydration system
  • Lubricating oil mist elimination system
  • Redundant hydraulic filters
  • Integral hydraulic fluid conditioning and cooling system
  • Oil pressure and temperature controls
  • Extensive instrumentation
  • Enclosed control console with integral gauge board
  • Stainless steel pipe and epoxy finish coatings

Simple, Cost effective installation

  • A single package requiring a single foundation for the fluid system
  • Compact size to ease the plant arrangement
  • Suitable for four-point support or perimeter grout
  • Factory performance test to verify performance
  • Stainless steel pipe and factory cleaning to reduce the installation cycle
Forced Lubrication System
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