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geothermal steam turbines

Geothermal Steam Turbines operate typically with saturated steam, which is provided from a geothermal source. Their unique features and materials of construction lead to long-term, reliable operation in geothermal service. CTMI offers revolutionary portable Geothermal units up to 25 MW which offers flexibility in transportation and redeployment on the second well in case of failure of the original wellhead. These modular power plants can delivered in 40-foot ISO containers and each module is manufactured at the factory allowing for quick installation. It is designed to operate independently for each well but can be organized in power farms to provide similar power output to large traditional geothermal power plants.

The following features have been incorporated into the geothermal design:

  • Quick delivery and installation
  • Sliding or Fixed Pressure Inlet Design
  • Modernized Combined Stop & Control Valves
  • Reheat Option Available
  • Extractions/Admissions
  • Advanced Steam Path Designs
  • Proved Exhaust Sections for 50 & 60 Hz
  • Single –shaft Combine Cycle Designs Available
  • Condenser Systems and Other Turbine Island Scope Available
  • Proved Low-Stress Rotor Designs
  • 12-Cr Steam path and HP Casing
  • Carbon Steel Exhaust Casing with Inconel Inlay at Critical Surfaces
  • 304L Stainless Steam and Drain Piping
  • Low-cost Microprocessor-Based Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems
  • Modern Hermetically Sealed Local Instrumentation / Wiring For Reliable Long Term Operation in an H2S Geothermal Environment
  • Up, Down and Side Exhaust Configurations Available
  • Packaged, Base-Mounted Designs

CTMI has extensive experience in the technology required for reliable operation in geothermal steam applications.

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