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Vapour Turbines

CTMI Offers amonia based vapour turbines with percentage of amonia in the vapour as high as 99%, these turbines principally operating on kalina cycle offer high efficiency even in non condensing configurations.

Condenser pressure in the Ammonia water cycle largely depends on cooling water inlet temperature and fraction of Ammonia in the Ammonia water mixture.

For the same cooling water inlet temperature, decreasing the Ammonia mass fraction at the condenser inlet will reduce the condenser pressure and it will leads to larger expansion process in the turbine and hence more power output and higher efficiency.

The following features have been incorporated into the vapor turbine design

  • Quick delivery and installation
  • Admissions \ Extractions
  • Mechanical seals at Front and Rear Glands to ensure no vapor leakages
  • Advanced Steam Path Designs
  • Proved Low-Stress Rotor Designs
  • 12-Cr Steam path and HP Casing
  • Carbon Steel Exhaust Casing
  • 304L Stainless Steam and Drain Piping
  • Up, Down and Side Exhaust Configurations Available
  • Packaged, Base-Mounted Designs

Our Products

API 611/612 Turbines

API 611/612 compliant, Overhung and between-the-bearings wheel designs, metallic or carbon seals, Electronic / Hydraulic Mechanical governors.

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Back Pressure Turbines

The back pressure turbine with one controlled extraction point is possible, this extraction steam is also used to meet process steam demand.

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Condensing Turbines

The condensing turbines take high pressure steam, expand it in turbine nozzles and blades, and exhaust it to a condenser at lower than atmospheric pressure.

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Extraction Condensing Turbines

The extraction condensing turbines are used when a constant pressure steam flow has to be extracted for process purposes, The constructional .

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PRV/PRDS Replacement Solutions

Feed pump turbine drive packages are available from 100KW – 20MW. Complete steam turbine boiler feed pump packages.

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Forced Lubrication System

The FLS package includes a hydraulically separate lubrication and lubricating oil dehydration system, a hydraulic fluid supply and conditioning system.

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Our Services

CTMI has a group of In house dedicated and experienced service personnel to cater to the needs of all our clients. Having service centers in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata and Bangalore, Internationally too we have partners located in Italy, Ireland, Colombia, Canada USA, UAE, Philippines, Thailand.

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